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File Submission Guidelines

So you want to submit your map file, utility or your movie to us and are not sure what the procedure is? You've come to the right place. Below are the instructions for uploading information.

Map and File Upload Guidelines:

  1. Only upload maps, models, tags or utilities that can be used with PC Verson of the Portal Game.
  2. NO adult content, nudity or profanity.
  3. Be sure the map file name has a unique name: As a general policy the we will not carry a map for download that has the same name as a previous version of the same map. There needs to be a version control system.

  4. All Map files, Models, Tags and utilities MUST be submitted in a compression archive like ZIP, RAR, ARJ...etc. Raw map, model, or Tag files will be deleted without review. Use whatever archiving program you like to send us your map, however we WILL re-archive all content into ZIP format. Why? Because we like the ZIP format.

  5. Include a readme.txt file in every archive. If you are too lazy to include a simple text files with your name and information then we will be too lazy to either post your file or if we do not give you credit for it. This is not rocket science.

  6. If wish to upload a movie see the movie guidelines at the Machinima/Movies website

  7. Final Checklist - All Uploads MUST comply or they will be deleted

    1. Map Name is unique
    2. Completed readme.txt
    3. Archived both files in Zip/RAR/ARJ type archive

By submitting your file you grant Portal Game Maps and UXB Internet a non-exclusive non-revocable license (not ownership) to display, promote, or modify your file and the information in the submission herein, in whole or in part, in any form or format now in existence or yet to be invented (ZIP, RAR, Flash, WMV, PSP, etc.), on Portal Game Maps and its affiliate and partner sites and networks. All submissions will be reviewed for content and quality and we reserve the right to reject without notice any content we deem unsuitable.

There are two upload options - Note: Be sure to allow pop-ups from this website

  • FTP File transfer:
    This option uses a Java applet to enable you to transfer large files to our server. It will download a small Java Applet to run in your web browser. Be sure that you have the Java virtutal machine installed with your web browser and when asked you must approve the applet to run. This applet will use port 21 for FTP transfers

  • HTTP File Transfer
    This option will allow you to upload files through your web browser and requires the Flash 8 plugin (or better) to operate. There is a file size limit of 32Mb and a maximum file limit of 42MB per transfer. If you wish to upload larger files please use the FTP option.

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