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Aperture Science Enrichment Center For Men

Title: Aperture Science Enrichment Center For Men
Author: Kevin Foley / Tyson Rapp
Size: 18.2M  Date: 04/17/11
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Unknown
Downloads: 16,731

User Ratings: Overall: 6.0     Difficulty: 6.2

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(Dual companion cubes map featuring 25-60 minutes of intial playtime, and all-new AI voiceover dialogue)


Welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center for Men. In the interest of furthering scientific knowledge on the accuracy of gender stereotypes and enhancing appreciation of the puzzle-solving strategies of female and non-female members of the species, the Aperture Science Enrichment Center has created a full testing facility for the use of non-female human subjects.

(But then, how did Chell get in here...?)

ASEC For Men is supervised by the sentient Artificial Intelligence MaDOS (Masculinized Disc Operating System).

Don't get GLaD, get MaD!


The theme of this map is a pair of companion cubes. You're going to need the companion cubes throughout the whole level! Never leave your cubes behind except when you need to do so temporarily to advance - you'll have to figure out when these moments arise, but most of them will be obvious. One of the biggest problems we found in playtesting was people ignoring our repeated instructions not to completely abandon the cubes after solving a puzzle.

It's a pain in the ass to create a companion cube map (compounded with multiple cubes) because there are so many ways the player can accidentally lock the cube(s) behind a door or lose it in some other way. We worked hard to eliminate these problems so you usually can't accidentally get a cube in a place where you can't recover it. Don't do it on purpose! If you get stuck, you'll probably be fine with the last autosave - most autosaves are in places where the cubes are guaranteed to still be with you.

This map is fully completable! There are several places where it may initially appear impossible to move forward, but stick with it because there is a solution to everything and an actual end to the map (it should be obvious when you reach it, and it will return to the menu after). We've done our best to provide subtle hints for the parts that were most frustrating to playtesters.

**HINTS (Minor Spoilers)**

1. Throw the cube on the floor and THEN shoot the Portal directly under it (you'll probably understand when you get there)
2. If a cube gets stuck on a platform, the button underneath the platform activates the scraper to push the cube off of the platform.
3. If it's sparking, it's broken.
4. If you're totally stuck and give up, consult the video walkthrough at: . Obviously contains major spoilers.

**BUGS (Minor Spoilers)**

*In the missile turret room, if you're silly enough to throw a cube up into the cage, it will be difficult or impossible to get it back.
*If you're trying to, you can technically vaporize the cubes; it's not easy and it's your own damn fault if you do. You won't be able to finish.
*I just couldn't get myself to spend the time to make sure the voiceovers can only play one at a time (would require choreographed scenes?), so if you rush you can sometimes trigger several playing at once. Sorry.
*The challenge scores won't save no matter how I set it up, so I'm leaving that as a bug until I figure it out

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