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Test Chamber 74

Title: Test Chamber 74
Author: Mek
Size: 28.4M  Date: 08/12/08
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 11,575

User Ratings: Overall: 7.9     Difficulty: 6.5

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Overall Rating


Large map of intermediate difficulty. My first one for Portal. It's a big advantage to have completed the original game with advanced versions of the original maps. Have fun with it, and remember, no cheating! :)

Known Bugs:
The energy ball, the only one in this map, might bounce in a weird way,under weird angles and so on. I don't know how this might have happened, because all the bounce places are in an exact 45 angle. I couldn't have done much about it, except of placing some clip brushes. The rotating door is black from side, when opened. Again I have tried to fix it, but not with success. Nobody even realizes :P And the last bug, is with the custom scene. A scene contains what GLaDOS talks and in which order etc. So if you don't install my scene, there will be one warning about a missing scene in the console and nothing else will happen. In my scene, GLaDOS should speak "Time out for a second, that wasn't supposed to happen" after three cubes are dropped from the box dropper instead of one. You might, of course, find an alternative solution to some puzzle, a shortcut, or whatever I forgot to fix, so sorry for that :)

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