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Turret Hell Easy

Title: Turret Hell Easy
Author: Blaze
Size: 722.2K  Date: 10/03/08
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Small
Downloads: 2,053

User Ratings: Overall: 5.7     Difficulty: 7.8

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Overall Rating


This is a VERY short (but pretty dificult map) Inside the Rar is Turret_Hell, and Turret_Hell_easy. The easy version has a box in the begining, while the normal version doesn't. This map is not finished, I will finish someday though. I had this idea when I was trying to make turrets that help the player. I found out that I couldn't, but the idea revolved into this. This idea is also sort of a "save the companion cube" map FOR NOW. it will be changed later. The companion cube thing at the start was just a test to see if I could do glass.if you no-clip to the other side of the glass, you'll see that the turrets can still kill you. I think this map has some pretty original puzzles.

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