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How We Test Submitted Maps

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Every map that is submitted for hosting receives a basic test before being placed on line. We do this for a couple of reasons

  1. To be sure that the map will actually run. 
  2. To be sure that the map is a new map and not just renamed
  3. To obtain screenshots of the level
Our test bed consists of:
Processor: Intel P4 3.2Ghz
Memory: 1gb Video:
ATI Radeon X850 Series Sound Card:
Standard Soundblaster on-board
Video Size: 800X600

Note: If a map does not have a readme.txt file with it we may immediately reject it for hosting.

Testing the map: Portal is installed in the default directory and the map folder contains only the default maps. We place the submitted map into the maps\PGM folder and start the Portal game.

If the map gives an exception at startup during the loading test it is rejected. If the map allows Portal to load we then enter the game andproceed to wander around, try the various options and place portals.  We then take two screen shots for use on the website. If no exceptions were encountered the map is accepted for hosting and placed on line. We do not make assessments on the quality or playability of the map and our only intention is to be sure that the map will actually run.

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